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Walkies with Grim is played while you walk around your neighborhood or any other kind of place you wish to bond with. You (and any friends you want to invite along) will use your imaginations to conjure Grim, a lonely ghost dog who wants to find a New Place to dwell.

As you accompany Grim in exploring the places you pass on your walk, you will take advantage of opportunities to bond with these places —appreciating them, cleaning them, talking with the people you encounter—until Grim settles on a new dwelling, or until your paths diverge and Grim continues on their own.
I wrote this game to be as internal or external as you like. You should be able to walk with Grim without anyone around you noticing, if that is what you want. But if you are comfortable to do so, I encourage you to speak aloud to Grim and frolic with them as you think is right.


Walkies with Grim v1.0.epub 674 kB

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